HeadHunter Secrets TV Show Teaser Trailer


Create a TV Show Teaser Trailer for German celebrity Headhunter Florian Brach. Filmed in Miami under Florian’s instruction, the Trailer was to create intrigue for a potential TV Series about his Headhunter System.

Shot Gimble-Steadied footage on-site in Miami with Florian and his team. Scripted and recorded voiceover to structure the video. Multiple revised Edits to obtain the exact desired final product. Florian wanted a sleek, minimal style with a lot of room for the viewer to imagine what service he provides. The nature of his work is subtle as Florian tries to impart years of Corporate Jobs knowledge to his students in a short time. So we made the Teaser Trailer have a similar “open-ended” air about it.

Gimble-Steady Video Footage

A Gimble is one of our most used tools at Slate Media. It is a device that steadies the camera to obtain shots like Florian walking along the Miami streets with a smooth, sleek feel. For some time in the early 2000’s “handheld” camera work was in style, but for Commercial quality videos we cannot use such art- house inspired tactics. Gimbles are used on most of our Projects if not all.

Brand Building

Brand building is an artful dance of captivating storytelling and strategic exposure. Just like a TV show teaser trailer entices viewers with snippets of an intriguing narrative, building a brand involves crafting a compelling narrative about your product or service. A well-crafted teaser trailer leaves the audience hungry for more, sparking curiosity and anticipation. Similarly, a strong brand story should evoke emotions, pique interest, and create a lasting impression. It’s about showcasing your brand’s essence, values, and unique selling proposition in a way that leaves an indelible mark, prompting your audience to eagerly tune in for the next episode of your brand’s journey. The teaser trailer is just the beginning—a glimpse into the exciting world your brand has to offer.

Drone Video

In the making of our Teaser Trailer, we decided to elevate our branding and storytelling by integrating stunning drone video footage. The high-flying vantage points captured by the drone provided a breathtaking perspective of Miami that instantly immersed our audience into the world we were creating. From sweeping aerial shots showcasing the grandeur of our setting to dynamic, cinematic sequences highlighting the action, the drone footage added a level of visual sophistication that amplified our brand’s identity. It conveyed a sense of modernity, innovation, and expansiveness, aligning perfectly with the tone and message we wanted to convey in our pilot, setting the stage for an unforgettable viewing experience.

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