Central Fitness Video Advertisement


Create a Cinematic Video Advertisement to promote the Central Fitness: Naples and build the brand without being too overtly sales driven. Social Media Video Ad with a sleek Scorsese style

What We Did:

Scripted and pre-produced the video with Kyler on-site. Multiple days of shooting gimble-steady footage of trainers, clients and Kyler himself working out. 3 revised edits with adjustments to the structure and content. Drone shots of the gym and surrounding area in beautiful downtown Naples, FL.

Brand Building

In the dynamic realm of fitness, visual engagement is key, and what better way to showcase a fitness gym’s essence than through a compelling video? Central Fitness harnessed the power of video to create an immersive brand experience. The video seamlessly wove together intense workout scenes, motivational success stories, and glimpses of a supportive community, capturing the heart and soul of the gym.

Drone Video

In a groundbreaking move towards modernity and innovation, our local fitness gym took their brand to new heights—literally—by leveraging the power of drone video technology. With sleek, soaring shots captured from the skies, the gym showcased its state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic fitness classes in a way that words simply couldn’t convey.

This innovative use of technology not only showcased the gym’s dedication to fitness but also demonstrated their commitment to embracing cutting-edge methods in branding and marketing, making waves in the competitive fitness industry.

Video Production

On the day of filming, the gym transforms into a vibrant set, with dynamic shots of workouts, motivational trainers, and enthusiastic members engaging in various exercises. Capturing the adrenaline-pumping action and dedication to a healthy lifestyle, the cameras roll and expertly frame each scene. Post-production involves editing the footage, adding music, voiceover and incorporating engaging graphics to create a compelling video that motivates viewers to embark on their fitness journey.

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