SRC Sizzle Reel Day One


The SRC 2022 Continued, official Day One opening of the Expo, filmed and edited with dynamic style by Slate Media. Event Promotion Video, Collaboration with Just Share Media


Lights, camera, action! The buzz of excitement filled the air as we embarked on a thrilling journey to capture the essence of the SRC Roofing Expo. Armed with our cameras, we ventured into a world of innovation and expertise, showcasing the industry’s latest advancements in roofing technology and design. From exciting gimble shots capturing the grandeur of roofing installations to intimate interviews with industry leaders, every frame told a story of dedication and passion. The expo’s vibrant atmosphere and the shared vision of a better, safer roofing future were palpable through the lens, making this promotional video a true reflection of the industry’s spirit and aspirations. Stay tuned for an unforgettable glimpse into the world of roofs and the professionals who elevate it!

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