Sweet Science Boxing & Fitness – New Location Advertisement


Video Advertisement for Billy and the Sweet Science Boxing Gym to tell the public about their new location in Estero, FL and the special price promotion


Billy and his Team are visionary with their Video ideas. It’s a treat to work with them every time and this is no exception. The urgency of the message combined with the established high quality of the Gym makes for a dynamic message. The Sweet Science Boxing & Fitness is growing fast but there is an attention to detail that keeps it from ever becoming mechanical or sloppy. The family atmosphere combined with decades of Boxing knowledge keeps it grounded. All of this is hopefully conveyed in this video that we are very proud of.


A definite strength of Slate Media is our ability to direct the “talent” or the specific subject speaking on camera. Crafting copy on-site and performing it with precision is certainly not easy and some do it better than others. Billy is one of the best in the business at this skill, and it makes for an exhilarating video shoot every time. Making a great Video Ad is about conveying the company’s message first and foremost but the best way to access this message is through the Owner. Not all Business Owners like to be on camera, let alone performing this tight rope dance but when they do, it’s a dream come true. This was one of our smoother Advertisement shoot and edits because of this workflow established with the Owner over 2 years now.


Stepping into the gritty world of a boxing gym through the lens of 4K video is like uncovering hidden beauty in raw intensity. The high-resolution clarity captures every bead of sweat and determination etched on the fighters’ faces as they train relentlessly, their muscles in motion telling a powerful story of dedication and discipline. The vibrant play of light and shadow against the worn-out walls creates a cinematic backdrop that’s as compelling as the punches thrown. In 4K, every punch, jab, and hook feels more palpable, making you feel the adrenaline in the air and the adrenaline in the shots. It’s a symphony of motion and emotion, a dance of power and poise, all beautifully choreographed by the lens of 4K.

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